Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Randoms, just everyday stuff.
Ginny and Tj playing together. They are really cute together.... when they arent fighting.
Another shot at a family picture. Oh and the shoes TJ is wearing are not normal dress attire. We couldnt find his church shoes and his Uncle put them on him.

Chloe and Halle

Laney being crazy.

Ginny with her usual dirty face

This is Ginny's new smile

This is how Ginny looks when she isnt whinning.

TJ is potty trained pretty much. Still many accidents, here he cant get his pants up and he is a little embarrased.

Tj loves to play with is nerf gun (he got it for his birthday from the Wrights)

Laney had an extra special 8th birthday. She made the choice to be baptized.

Laney is wearing a dress that started with my sister Sina and traveled through our cousins and myself and now is on to the 2nd cousins. My Grandma made this dress 32 years ago.

Laney and her new bike. We bought this bike for Chloe and Tony said it was much more fitting for Laney and he was right.

For Christmas along with her drum set she asked for a guitar and now she has it.

Tj was in quite the onery mood all day.
Grandma Annie, Granpa Ken, Aunt Sandy, Uncle Sean and cousin Sydney came all the way from Washington to be at the baptism.
Waiting for the baptism to begin. The Mccrerys, the Wrights, the Johnsons, the Lundgrens, the Robisons, brother Purcell, Sister Adair all came to watch.
Sandy, Sean and Sydney

Grandma and Grandpa Davis were there.
Laney is growing up so quickly, she gets compared to the younger kids, because she is so petite, so I try to remember she is a big kid now. Laney is in Girl scouts and loves it, she did soccer this fall and just signed up to be in softball. Laney is excited to be able to go to Activity days at church with the other girls ages 8-11.

Tj turned 3years old on January 6th. He asked all week if he could go to Chuckie Cheeses house. He saw it on TV and was sooo excited. We went there with some friends of ours and then came back and opened his presents.
I dont know why the bike looks dirty in this picture.Heres what it really looks like. He can already get around on his bike. I think balance bikes are the way to go. Tj is our little sensitive guy. If he gets in trouble he runs and hides and cries. He is rough and rowdy, loves his skateboard, scooter, bike and monster rucks(thats how he says it).

Can You Guess who is who?

Christmas was alot different for us this year. Christmas Eve we went to my Moms house, that much was normal, however it was just us and them. We opened some presents and played some scrabble it was a rather quiet evening.

I put the wrong picture in and am to impatient to do it over. We found Tj sleeping next to his bed one night, how does one even sleep like that?
Our kids are always asking for a cat and they go their wish doubled, two cats this is Peppermint.

Grandma and Grandpa got the kids pillowpets. Funny thing is it was number one on Halle's list.

Santa brought Ginny a pony and she loves it.Tj got real tools, I dont know if it was a good idea yet, we will see what he does with the hammer.

Halle got a ripstick and it was sad for her because she had recently broke her toe and had to wait 3 weeks to ride it.
Laney wanted a drumset for Christmas. We put them on the back porch to let the neighbors join in our fun. They are now upstairs and we get to hear her jam alot.

Ginny wasnt quite awake so she cuddled with her silk blanket and drank some cocoa.
Chloe was in need of a new bike, her other one was sized more for a 3year old.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chloe had her dance recital today.

Here she is with her class and teacher Angie.
After her dance number

Striking a pose

Laney after a night soccer game. She loves soccer. She is playing on a team with girls up to 2yrs older than her.

Chloe and Tj observing from the trees.

She is quick one.

Halle has been super busy, Piano, Soccer, Volleyball and Mutaul, and school and now she babysits too.

Striking a volleyball pose after a game.
Cooling down after a soccer game. I am to busy watching the games to remember to take pictures.

Doesn't it look a piano recital to you? Well it was a very fun recital. The kids got to dress up and they had yummy food and afterwards there were games.


Not the best pic but it was Laney's first recital and she did so good, especially since she only had two official lessons.

In case you cant tell we were the Rubbles and our good friends the Wrights were the Flinstones. Ginny was Pebbles and Tj was Bam Bam. Tj loved saying Bam Bam. Kristine made all of our costumes. It was kinda funny because some older kids didnt know who we were.

Laney-beat up soccer player, TJ-Thomas the train, Chloe-vampiress, Halle- Geisha, and Ginny was Belle.

Dont hate, I know I am Hot.